Busy March

Recently I decided to take on the project of making an IPhone app. Well I have also been working on redeveloping the Cardinal Communications website as well. Both of which are going great, and the CC website is almost done. This will be a major weight taken off of my shoulders when both of these projects are out of the way. This is great portfolio work for me so I’m trying not to complain a whole lot, but its kept me busy throughout the end of February and all of March.

I also just accepted to be the SGA’s web developer for the next year. So this will keep me busy throughout the next 12 months, but mostly the month of April because we will be revamping the website with new content and a new color scheme.


Cardinal Communications Website

I have recently been putting a lot of my time into a new website for Cardinal Communications. Site features are going to include: animation effects, a blog or blogs, interactive buttons and hyperlinks, and social media integration. This is the first website I have created entirely by writing code. All 1400 lines of code that were written have been written by me. 700 lines of code accounted for just the CSS alone. About 200-250 lines of code were just Javascript and JQuery.

I am really proud of my work with this site and although it is not completely finished yet, the next couple days/weeks will be exciting as I will be adding new features along with what I have already mentioned. To see a preview of the site just follow the link below.

New Cardinal Communications Website


To Rob’s We Go

My group of friends here at Ball State met freshman year when we all lived on the same floor in Wilson hall in Johnson complex. One of the guys from that group came to BSU for one semester but then realized it wasn’t what he wanted to do for the next 4 years.

He is now in the Navy. A couple of us went to visit him in Virginia Beach at Dam Neck this summer.

The occasion for this trip is Rob is turning 21. There’s only 5 of us headed down there to see him but I’m sure it will be a good time. A 5 to 6 hour drive from here in Muncie to Galatia, Illinois. It’s been approximately 2 years since I’ve last been to his hometown. I’m really looking forward to seeing him and meeting all his friends again.

Here is the picture of us from two years ago.

Black Ops

So I’m a HUGE Call of Duty fan. And everybody has had their calendars circled on November 9th now for a long time, including me. I preordered the game on Saturday, and have been looking forward to Tuesday for a couple of months now.

I think it’s safe to say that not very many people will see me the rest of this week lol.

13,000 Feet and Falling

Absolutely speechless! Skydiving was everything I hoped it to be and more.

We began our journey by waiting 3 hours to jump. Finally suited up and paired with a professional, we anxiously waited as the plane refueled. Next thing I know, I’m hopping into a 10 seat plane, climbing up to 13,000 ft. Just over 2 miles in the air. Looking out the window, everything looks so calculated. All the fields are of a box shape.

A few minutes after take off, he looks at me and says alright, get over here. We hook up together, then he says, “Here in a few seconds we’re gonna to the door, you lift up on the right side, and I’ll lift the left, then we’re gonna hang out for a second, kneel down in front of me and put your legs between mine, and I’m basically gonna push us both out of here.”

Walking up to the door, the only thing running through my mind was, “Ok, how am I gonna get this door open? Am I gonna fall out after i open it and cause us to go too soon?”

So we get the door open, and im kneeling on the floor looking directly down 13,000 ft for about 5…. 10….. 15…. 20….. 25…. 30 seconds… The whole time im wondering. “Why are we not jumping?” a few seconds after that I hear, “Alright!”

…. …. …. …. …. ….

Out the plane we go, quickly increasing our speed to terminal velocity for two connected human beings.

It was the single most exhilarating rush I had ever felt in my life. Nothing I had ever experienced before could even come close to what I was experiencing. The only thing running through my head on the way down was … I am so doing this again.

60 seconds later, he deploys our chute. I finally get to catch my breath and assess the area around me. We dropped right over a golf course, just a few thousand feet up, it looks amazing! We do a couple of hard turns just for the fun of it, then he lines us up to get ready to land. The video explains the rest …

Skydiving This Weekend!

So come this Saturday, me and Brandon will be going to Greensberg, IN to go skydiving with the skydiving club here at Ball State. Since this is our first jump ever, we will both have to jump tandem with an instructor. Still gonna be fun nonetheless.

Part of me is terrified, but, I am a thrill seeker and I know this is one of the ultimate thrills.

2 miles up, 60 second free fall, then 6 – 9 minutes chute time. Can’t wait!

My New Creative Vado HD Video Recorder

So I basically took 80 bucks out of my pocket and set it on fire, but nonetheless, I’m getting a new Vado HD video recorder out of the deal. If you’ve never seen one before, here is a link.


I’ve always wanted a better video camera than my phone or my Cannon point and shoot. I think this will be a nice addition.